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Born in Bellevue Washington on November 27th, 1979.

At some point early on my family moved to Vancouver Washington and I lived there until moving to Montebello California in 1989 where I attended Macy Intermediate.

After finishing middle school at Macy, I attended the following 7 high schools.

  1. Schurr High School Monterey, Park CA
  2. Columbia River High School, Vancouver, WA
  3. Fort Vancouver High School, Vancouver, WA
  4. Hudson's Bay High School, Vancouver, WA
  5. Auburn Adventist Academy, Auburn WA
  6. Oliver Ames High School, Easton, MA
  7. Mountain View High School, Vancouver, WA

I never received a high school diploma but I enrolled in community college then transferred to Washington State Univeristy in Pullman WA where I completed a BA in business with a major in Management Information Systems.

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